When Bert met Dennis...
“ We just began talking one day about designs...brainstorming. We’ve never looked back...”
bERT&dENNIS design studio is the brainchild of Bert van der Grift and Dennis van der Burch. Driven by a
lifelong passion for furniture and textiles, they work together as a team towards a single shared aesthetic.
The values underpinning their work shine through: simplicity, fluidity, angularity, utility; organic forms vie
with subtle references to Bauhaus, kitsch, traditional Japanese (and cheese?!) to create a look that is
startlingly original and yet revealing a unity bound by classical principles. Working in a diversity of
materials from hardwoods to plastics, the emphasis is always on understatement: clean lines of function
and a stark absence of adornment, spiked with an ever-present element of surprise(and an irrepressible
sense of humor!).

The boys won’t beat you about the head with platitudes persuading you to agree with their view of the
world. Instead they’ll point you to their portfolio. Good design, they believe, stands up by itself. You be the
judge. Enough said check and enjoy...

Bert van der Grift
Bert van der Grift(1978): Studied at the Royal academy of fine arts in the Hague and has worked for
several design studios, including Sawaya & Moroni.

Dennis van der Burch
Dennis van der Burch(1971) : Self-educated. In 1995 he started his own design upholstery workshop for
design classics(meubelstoffeerderij.nl). Providing upholstery for brands including Cassina, Tecno Spa and
Vitra, it enjoys a reputation for being one of the best upholstery workshops in the Netherlands.
bERT&dENNIS design studio

In 2006, the first drawings and pictures of prototypes appeared on their website. They surprisingly fast
found there way into magazines and design-blogs. In 2008, bERT&dENNIS design studio officially started,
the first presentation took place at 100% Design(NL). The first customers of bERT&dENNIS were the new
Dutch label ZUIVER (model: Insert, Puzzled & Scotty) and the Belgium’s number one design company
DARK(model: Chester).

At the end of 2008 bERT&dENNIS were selected to present their work at 'The YoungDesigners Fair' -
Interieur 08(Kortrijk, Belgium). January 2009 bERT&dENNIS were invited to present their work @ The Dutch
Corner , 'Die Kunstverrein' on the Passagen route of IMM Cologne 09. May 2009 bERT&dENNIS were
selected to present 3 designs @ ICFF STUDIO '09. Here they presented Fold, holdit and FP-block 20x20.





- ICFF studio, New York (2011)
- Interieur, Kortrijk - Belgium (2010)
- Light&Building, Frankfurth - Germany (2010) - ICFF studio, New York (2010)
- Milan design week, Milan (2010) - ICFF studio, New York (2009)
- Passage / IMM Cologne, Germany (2009)
- Young designers fair / Interieur, Kortrijk - Belgium (2008)
- 100% Design, Rotterdan - The Netherlands (2008)

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